EQC inspection

Dear residents,

We’ve had confirmation that the Earthquake Commission (EQC) assessment of the Wigan building will be carried out on Monday the 24th of July from 8:30 am.

There will be two EQC assessors inspecting apartments on this day.

If you are an owner/occupier and you have reported damage inside your apartment to building management then you will be required to accompany the EQC assessors through your apartment.

EQC will not enter an apartment without being accompanied.

We will try to get all owner/occupier apartments inspected in the morning; we can’t take bookings but will ensure the owner occupier apartments are completed in the morning.

If your apartment is managed by Comprende, their staff will be accompanying the EQC assessors through the apartments they manage using their own apartment key.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Building management

Further update for residents on the earthquake

Dear residents,

A structural engineer has inspected the building on Tuesday 15th November.

The building is occupiable.

With regards to damage within your apartment please notify your landlord of property manager of any damage. Owner occupiers will receive an email from the Body Corporate Manager on how to make a claim with the Earthquake Commission (EQC).

Building Management
Alive Building Solutions Ltd

Earthquake update

Dear residents,

Hopefully you have all escaped injury from the earthquake.

Please inspect your apartment and photograph (with a date and time stamp) any damage you think was caused by the quake.

We will be in touch again soon.

Update (15 Nov – 16:45): Please be advised that the engineers have been through the building and given it the all clear.